People Tracking

Track People Anywhere With The Leading GPS Tracking Platform In Saudi Arabia

Max GPS People tracking
Max GPS track field employees

Track field employees using GPS monitoring service

Tracking movements of mobile staff simplifies working process for both the employee, the employer, and for the customer.


Forms in tasks: how to transfer info from "fields" directly to an office?

When carrying out assignments outside the working place, employees receive important information that, as a rule, is to be kept and sent to an office ...

Max GPS forms in tasks
Max GPS Track employees workflow asign tasks

Employees' workflow in the smartphone: assign tasks to the field staff online

The new version of the Max GPS Android and iOS Tracker apps has been released. Now, remote employees can browse the list of assigned...

Max GPS driver tracking

Why knowing who is driving is important

If many people are driving the same vehicle in your organization, you know how many issues it arises.


Max GPS Track Instant Browser Push Notifications

Max GPS Track is able to work independently, but you will always be aware of what has happened. Get Max GPS Track instant pop-up notifications right on your browser.

Max GPS Track push notification
Max GPS Track identify without gps

How are you there -in the matrix-? Identify location without GPS

Do you remember when exactly the smartphone appeared in your hand? When did it first suggest a route from the "Current location" point? And by the way, where has your car GPS- navigator gone?

Max GPS Track better tasks

Better Tasks. Predict the time, know the distance, see the route

Continue improving Max GPS Track Tasks application. We have previously provided an opportunity to assign tasks on the map to the closest available employee.


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