Better Tasks

Predict the time, know the distance, see the route

Max GPS track Better Tasks

Better Tasks. Predict the time, know the distance, see the route

Continue improving Max GPS Track Tasks application. We have previously provided an opportunity to assign tasks on the map to the closest available employee. Optimizes the workflow, right? Now, we have decided to go further! In addition, you can see the colored route line (track) going from the task point to the employee. Immediately get information about an approximate driver arrival time at the place. Sounds freaky? Let's shine a light on it in simpler manner.

Better Tasks Predict the time

What is it about?

Imagine that you need to assign task. Open Max GPS Track , go to the "Tasks" app, click on -plus image- to add a new task. Then you describe the task itself (what to do), specify the address (the point that should be visited), choose the nearest available employee and... here goes...

The system instantly plans and shows you the route on the map. Colored track from the task point to the employee is laid. Intuitively! You can immediately assess the adequacy of the route - you have made the right choice or, e.g. it would be better to change the employee. Click on the task point on the map and get the info of the distance, from the task point to the assigned employee, approximate travel time and the address.

A new feature is available for single tasks and route tasks with multiple places. If you create several points on the map (task places), the system will draw a route from the first task point to the assigned employee. Sounds a little bit messy, but the point is you always see the route your driver will go along, the distance he will need to overcome and the time he will spend on the road.

GPS Track Tasks

Pay attention! The track will be drawn only if:

You have specified the address and selected the employee; the distance between the task point and the employee's location is not more than 100 km. You must visit the customer as soon as possible? That's why we have decided to help you. The function is indispensable for transport and cleaning companies, taxi services, courier services, and the list can go on.

Tasks situation display. Step by step

-Situation display- tab allows to control and easily correct the entire course of work. In other words, you see Max GPS Track map marked with task places where your employee will come to, place by place. You can see approximate time the employee needs to get to the next point. Click on the desired task mark and obtain all the information about it:

  • A detailed task description (the address and things should be done at the location);
  • The time your employee should visit the place at;
  • The distance (km) from the previous task place;
  • Approximate travel time from the previous point.

Estimated travel time and distance between two points are predicted considering:

  • The time your employee spends on the road, from one place to another;
  • The minimum previous tasks duration.
GPS Track Task Situation


The main new function advantage is you can see the employee's arrival time in advance. Also you know the distance between the task points. It helps you efficiently plan and supervise the work of the mobile employees.

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