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virtual perimeter for a real geographic area

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Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real geographic area.

Intoduction to Geofences

Geofences are used to define virtual perimeters. The system can control whether object crossed geofence border (either "in" or "out"). All these events are logged, so user can obtain geofence reports and receive alerts.

Moreover, you can assign various rules for events to particular geofences. For example, if you need to get speeding alerts only within a certain area (e.g. in city) or route.

To access Geofences tool click the Polygon icon on the map toolbar. Here you can create and import new geofences or edit the existing ones. To display desired geofences on map simply mark checkboxes.

Max GPS track geofence

Geofence types

There are three basic types of geofences available:

  • Circle - geographical area with a given center and the shape of a circle with a minimum radius of 20 meters
    (radius and center of the circle are defined by user).
  • Polygon - area bounded by an arbitrary polygon with any number of vertices.
  • Route - allows to create a virtual perimeter between two (or more) points. E.g., it is used in order to ensure that a vehicle doesn't leave a predetermined route, and if it does, an alarm can be set to inform the interested party.

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