Employees' workflow

in the smartphone: assign tasks to the field staff online

Max GPS track Employees workflow

Employees' workflow in the smartphone: assign tasks to the field staff online

The new version of the Max GPS Android and iOS Tracker apps has been released. Now, remote employees can browse the list of assigned tasks and operate with it. Sales representatives, merchandisers, engineers, couriers, drivers, etc. can remotely view detailed information about scheduled tasks, monitor the status of their process, and see the best route to the place.

What is the point? A supervisor assigns tasks (e.g. -pick up the documents-, -meet the customer etc.) to remote workers. What does he do for it? Describes the issue in details (what to do, put an address and time) and like a baseball player hits the task to the assigned employee, pushing enter on the computer or laptop. At this time, the worker in the field catches the ball task on his smartphone or tablet to make everything possible to perform it. Here is the main issue - how to make a process of remote tasks performance more clear to the employee. How to make the system speak for you? Read it, apply it and be sure your remote tasks are performed in a perfect way and will have a timely end.

employees workflow in smartphone

Tasks update highlights


When a leader assigns a new task or edits an already assigned one, a remote employee receives a push-notification on the smartphone or tablet. The system also notifies the employee's arrival to the task place and the process status, e.g. "accomplished", "failed" or "overdue". The notifications are accompanied by a sound signal or vibration.

Detailed tasks description and a mark on the map

Employees click on a new task notification and see the detailed information about it:

  • Title;
  • Status (for example, "scheduled");
  • Task address;
  • Route to the place and a direction based on the current location of the remote worker;
  • Execution time and the minimum possible delay;
  • Additional information on the task;

Group tasks also have such function. You can tap on any task from the group and see detailed information about it.

Max GPS People tracking detailed tasks

Get an optimal route to the task place

Tap on an icon next to the task address and the system will get you the direction from the current location to the task point.

A tasks list on the employee's screen

Choose the Tasks tab in the Tracker app to see the whole To-Do list. Each task has its process status: "assigned", "overdue", "completed" etc. An employee can see completed tasks, current and planned ones. Just select the desired day or time interval. It is also possible to sort the list by distance, time and status.

Max GPS People tracking task-list

Customer benefits

The tasks section in the employee's tracker app helps to plan the workflow.

  • The plan is downloaded to the device remotely and automatically. You do not need to communicate with the employee directly;
  • The plan may be adjusted throughout the day - performer will be aware of any changes;
  • The worker knows that the system has recorded his arrival and the work status;
  • Special filter allows the employee to choose more preferable assigned task from the list.
  • The new update is really helpful to companies working with sales representatives, carriers, service engineers, drivers, field auditors, etc.

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