Instant Push Notifications

Get Max GPS Track instant pop-up notifications right on your browser.

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Max GPS Track Instant Browser Push Notifications

Max GPS Track is able to work independently, but you will always be aware of what has happened. Get Max GPS Track instant pop-up notifications right on your browser. The courier has picked up the documents or failed? Your child has pressed the SOS button, needs help? You will learn about it immediately without giving up the important work on the Internet!

The fact is notifications work with all WebKit-browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Yandex), as well as Mozilla Firefox. Simply put, Webkit is a layout engine used by most modern browsers.

Instant Browser Push Notifications

What are the instant browser notifications?

Sure, you know that Facebook has been using this feature for a long time. Max GPS Track notifications have the same functionality. A small window pops up at the bottom right of your Google Chrome.There you can see the number of unread (new) notifications and the type of events have happened. New messages also come up and you can see its number and the title of the last one.

How it works

You have seen the pop-up notification, click on it and go into the tracking system. Max GPS Track will be opened and you will immediately see the desired event on the map. It is worth mentioning that you do not have to keep the system open but when you click on the notification, a new tab appears. Go ahead! Learn what has happened. It can be any event, such as driver's route violation, traveling outside the geofence or your courier has finally delivered the documents. You can also receive a notification about a new message and when you click on it the needed chat box opens with the needed talk.

Pop-up alerts configuring

Push Notification Settings

Max GPS Track instant notifications are enabled by default, of course if they are not disabled in your browser. It applies to all trackers in your account. Turn the alerts off or on in "Alert rules" section.

Why do I need it?

First of all, it is very convenient. Working at the computer, you do not have to keep Max GPS Track open all the time. Go in other important businesses on the Internet and never lose GPS control at the same time. For example, a manager can work with analytics in ERP-system and receive notifications of the sales representative visits or the courier trips.

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